Event Management Course Reviews

Tamzin Buchfinck

The course was so fun to complete. I enjoyed every minute of it.

The course provided me with so much information about the event management world. Before starting the course, I believed that wedding and party planning were it for the industry, but I was surprised to discover how big the event industry really is.

The tutors are so friendly and helpful, and the student portal is easily accessible.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the event planning or - management industry.

Shaylene Basson

The journey through this course has been enriching and challenging in equal measure.

One of the primary difficulties encountered was mastering the different time zones of each country and aligning these with the budgets provided. Additionally, ensuring timetables were accurately followed proved to be a tricky aspect of the learning process. Despite these challenges, the experience has been immensely rewarding.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of the course, particularly appreciating the opportunity to learn about working with various currencies, time zones, and planning diverse events. The hands-on approach to organising events and the practical learning aspects were highlights for me.

The few times I sought assistance from my tutor, the support received was exceptional, offering clear guidance on areas of uncertainty. This course is highly recommendable for anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of event planning and management.

The skills acquired, from meticulous planning to budgeting and time management, are invaluable. The course not only offers theoretical knowledge but also practical examples that will undoubtedly assist in future endeavours in the event planning field.

Shannon Evans

I loved this course!

It was so nice being able to go through it at my own pace (because life gets busy!), reading the documents, and then completing assignments with no "set" deadlines. My tutor, Hannah, was amazing; she was always there to answer my questions and provide helpful feedback on my assignments.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get started with event management. I've learnt so much and realised how passionate I am about finding a job in this space.

Thank you so much, Institute for Event Management!

Joanne Steel

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! Thanks so much to Hannah, my tutor, for all of her guidance and feedback.




Sadaf Hussain

I would like to thank The Institute of Event Management for making it so easier to obtain this Certificate.

I have enjoyed this course so much. It is easy, and in the end, it becomes so knowledgeable. Tutors are so helpful in giving honest feedback, which will help to improve and keep in mind in professional life.

I recommend starting this course as it is worth it at the end of the day! :)

Jacques Lategan

I honestly do not have any complaints. 5 stars all around.

I am glad I came across your company on Google and will refer you to others who would be interested in the course. The service from day 1 was excellent, and my tutor, Hannah, definitely made this course even more enjoyable. She gave great feedback, and I received my marks for the assignments very fast. Your student portal on the website is very user-friendly.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to enrich my knowledge on this industry.

Theresa van der Merwe

I loved every moment.

I have to say some tasks were challenging, but I really learned a lot, and the feedback on each of my tasks also helped me understand better.

I am so happy to have passed with good marks. Thank you to my tutor; Your advice will be carried with me. You are all an amazing and fast support group.

I have recommended this study program to some of my friends!

Gennissee Currie

I loved doing assignments and having to figure out problems. I have learned how to deal with employees and customers.

I had some difficulties putting my answers into my own words, but the tutor understood what I meant most of the time.

The support team and tutor did a great job in helping me with my concerns.

I recommend this course to people who want to become an event manager.

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